Florida Insurance Licensing Association announces Florida's first 100% online course to become a licensed Florida insurance agent

Orlando, FL, February 25, 2005: Florida Insurance Licensing Association announces Florida's first 100% online insurance agent licensing course.  This 60-hour course (2-15 Health & Life (Including Annuities & Variable Contracts)) is required to become an insurance agent in Florida.

The 2-15 agents license allows an agent to sell all forms of Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Medicare Supplement, HMO, Home Health Care, Managed Care and Long Term Care policies in Florida.  Licensed agents may also sell Fixed Annuities.

"This represents a tremendous education opportunity for many, many people," says Bob Proechel, president of the Florida Insurance Licensing Association. "Prior to this, anyone who wanted to advance themselves — and take the initiative to embark on a new career selling insurance — was forced to take time off from their current job to attend school or commute to live classes to complete their education. For working parents, this often meant leaving children unattended at home or simply not being able to take advantage of the education opportunity at all," Proechel says.

This 60-hour state-approved course is offered entirely online via the Internet.  No classroom study is required.  This allows students to register and complete their education from home or office, at their own pace, in whatever time increments they have available.

The course is designed and taught to comply with State of Florida requirements for Life, Health and Annuities education prior to state examination. Topics covered include: Federal and State Regulations, Legal Concepts of the Insurance Contract, Life, and Health Insurance, Annuities, Health and Accident Insurance, Disability and Medical Reimbursement.

Florida Insurance Licensing Association is approved by the State of Florida to provide 2-15 Health & Life (Including Annuities & Variable Contracts) Pre-License training. Provider ID: 364598.

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